For some people, going to see a therapist for the first time can feel daunting and it may help to read about other people's experiences before making a decision. With this in mind, I have listed a selection of testimonials kindly provided by a few of my former clients. Please click on the symptoms listed below to read each one.

Testimonials kindly provided by former clients.


"Although outwardly confident I am quite a private person and had never been to a therapist before and so it took a while to make the decision to do this. I am very glad I did because Sigal has helped me understand the source of some long standing communication & relationship issues. She has helped me achieve this with great skill, insight, patience & kindness.

Perhaps most importantly she has given me some tools to help me control and adjust the way I relate to others in any challenging situation. This has already been very useful in work as well as home life and something I will keep and use again in the future. I would have no hesitation recommending her."


"I went to see Sigal to seek help with a phobia of being sick which had been a with me since early childhood. Whilst I have not actually been sick since my session I now feel entirely different about the prospect of getting ill, and this has lifted a huge weight in terms of my day to day anxiety levels. I no longer feel panic stricken when faced with situations where I am confronted with vomit related illnesses, and this is something of a transformation given the reactions which I would normally have given prior to having had the hynotherapy. I feel so much calmer about the whole issue in general and perhaps most tellingly I was recently able to see the humorous side when a friend threw up on my bedroom floor!! I am pleasantly astounded by the results and would definitely recommend any phobics out there to give this a try!"


"I am a nurse and a therapist who has been caring for others for many years, helping them to solve their emotional problems and enjoy life again. However, I had a long-standing emotional pain that I felt could never be eased. After seeing Sigal for only a few sessions I felt so much better, emotionally clear and physically calmer. It has surprised me, how rapidly she has helped to sort out issues which I have hidden for many years. I now feel able to continue my life with optimism and calmness. Sigal helped me to resolve my problems with a confident, professional and practical approach. Thank you Sigal"


"I have found an amazing partner to share my life. Thank you for giving me the rope to climb up from my dungeon."


"Following a successful career as a Bank Manager and insurance broker I retired at 55 and in the last 9 months have started having panic attacks in airports etc, lack of sleep and a host of other problems. Some serious family issues did not help. The GP put me on anti depressants and other pills with a recommendation for therapy. At the same time Sigal was recommended by a close friend who had been much help. Amazing as it seems after seeing Sigal for only 3 treatments I am not just back to where I was but generally much better stress wise than in the last 20 years. Shaky hands for that period have stopped. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Sigal." Gordon Bluck  ACIB Cert CII


"Just got back from holidays and wanted to say a huge thanks as had two amazing flights. I think I said that the flight I’d had to Amsterdam after the first session had been a lot better and that the self hypnosis / relaxation techniques had kept a lid on things which had been good. However, the flights I just had to and from Spain, after having had the second session, were unbelievable. On these it wasn’t just a case of keeping it together; I just simply wasn’t worried – even given a pretty bumpy take off in bad weather on the way out! And though I said at the start of the sessions that I’d be happy just with an absence of fear, so to speak, this went further and I actually enjoyed the flights this time – and sat by the window on the way back for the first time in decades."


"A total transformation. I'm so grateful. You've taken away all the nastiness that I've been carrying for so long. Far too much time wasted stuck in that place and now I want to move on with my life

Life is too precious, even though it's sometimes so hard. I want to thank you for being so kind to me. You are going to be in my mind for a very very long time."


"Sigal has given me the tools to be able to step back and consider my negative reactions to any situation. This has proved invaluable in both my personal and professional life.

I found my sessions with Sigal Shalev to be very helpful in dealing with my anger issues. She is sympathetic, smart and understanding." Mr. C.L.,  London N1.


"I feel that Sigal was adept at understanding my needs and suggesting a course of therapy that was not only tailored to those needs, but also fell within the natural boundaries of what I felt comfortable doing and fitted with my own philosophy. She helped me gain a sense of perspective about myself and my behaviours which I had wanted to achieve for a long time but had not been able to do by myself. I feel she provided an invaluable kick-start into a whole new set of behaviours and thought patterns which will help me, not only with occasional crises but also in the day to day enjoyment of life."


"I am thankful and grateful that I found Sigal at a time when I had to work on difficult performance blocks to my acting career. Sigal was so easy to talk to, easy to trust, I felt in the hands of a professional from the start. I moved through the issues quickly with her input of different approaches using a variety of methods and shifted a lot in 4 sessions. The hypnotherapy technique was relaxing and strengthening, the EMDR was relieving, quick and fascinating. All the different ways of looking at a situation using Cognitive Techniques have stayed with me in a useful way. I have recommended Sigal already to several other actor colleagues and I will be coming back when I need to work on things again.

Having had a successful business career that had allowed me to push the boundaries of my own expectations and interest, and achieve a fantastic balance between work, family and personal interests, a business restructuring meant that I had to form new networks and exposed an underlying lack of confidence in my own abilities. This manifested itself in a number of panic attacks, not simply in formal presentations but sometimes in relatively informal discussions with my peer group. Through discussion with Sigal, I was able to identify what the triggers were to this reaction and to put in place certain tools to work around them. The discussion was in itself one that I found immensely cathartic and allowed me to put the issues that I was facing into context. Crucially, through a combination of self-hypnosis and positive mental attitude, I am now able to put myself in the right frame of mind to overcome these fears."


"Sigal is a wonderful, intuitive practitioner, who always seems to know what you need."

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